Connect Search Makes Crains Fast 50!

Connect Search was recently honored with our hard work and growth by being listed in Crains Fast 50 for 2018. "Since 2007, Crain's Chicago Business has recognized the 50 local businesses with the highest five-year revenue growth rates. This year's Fast 50 honorees are in alphabetical order below. Nearly half are companies new to the [...]

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Connect Search LLC 5 Year Anniversary

Connect Search 5 Year Anniversary Charity Work Connect Search, LLC recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary!  Instead of taking our employees to a dinner or happy hour, we decided to look within and do something truly meaningful as an organization that would make a positive impact on our surrounding communities.   Over the last [...]

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Work from home?………..Work for all?

Many business are evolving in order to stay competitive in a landscape that is extremely competitive.  Organizations are constantly try to keep a leg up on their competitors by offering a myriad of additional benefits to employees.  Of those benefits, working from home is quickly becoming a desired incentive by many employees.   Read more

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You Can’t Fake Personality, Passion or Purpose

Each week, our jobs mailboxes are loaded with people wanting to become part of the Virgin story – but unfortunately not everyone can join the team. To help us find the best people for the roles on offer, we are guided by a few very-Virgin values. Here are the four principles that we feel make [...]

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Chicago Is a Top Startup Hub Thanks to 1871

Although VC funding for startups in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. is down to 183 deals, from 309 last year, Illinois still maintains the highest rate of investment, due in large part to the Chicago metro area. In fact, Chicago has accounted for more completed deals (290), than any of the states that [...]

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